A contemporary and casual brasserie

Brasserie T! Beau Mont

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The vision

Redefining the brasserie experience in Montreal

The Brasserie T! Beaumont embodies the essence of the popular Brasserie T! of the Signé Toque family. Having left Montreal in 2020, the team is returning to the city and settling in the Mile-Ex district. Besides the best beers and an amazing wine list, the Brasserie T! Beau Mont continues to fuel Chef Normand Laprise's philosophy of local cuisine, fresh and seasonal ingredients. You will find our classics: ribs, tartars, hamburgers, flank steak, charcuterie platters, seafood, etc. In addition, the Comptoir-Épicerie located in the restaurant offers many of the dishes or ingredients from our menu. Taste Brasserie T! at home!

Hamburger fromage bacon Cheese burger bacon
Samon confit salade fenouil Confit Salmon fennel salad

Access to local products of small producers.

Huitres Brasserie T
"Our motto is quality, freshness and traceability of ingredients"
Normand Laprise and Christine Lamarche
En Action Huitres Brasserie T

In the heart of a vibrant neighborhood

950 Beaumont

The Brasserie T! Beaumont fits perfectly into the context of effervescence and renewal of the district. Designed by the firm Sid Lee Architecture, the restaurant can accommodate up to 80 guests in a modern and refined decor. Among the key elements of the decor are two imposing cellars: one for wine and another for aging meat. A large work of art by artist Dominique Malaterre at the entrance recalls the raw state of the ingredients used in the kitchen. The place is intended to be unifying and festive, both in the plate and in the atmosphere. All occasions are good to gather around our table!


Reservation information

It is possible to book a table at Brasserie T! Beau Mont either online or by phone.

For reservations of over 7 people, please contact us directly.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday
from 5:30pm to 9:30pm